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"10x'd my investment...right away!"
From the desk of James Smiley:
Dear Entrepreneur,

Can I just be 100% honest with you about something?   
YOU were MEANT to be an entrepreneur (…weren’t you?) 
Of-course you are!  That's why you're here.

Well I'm really excited, because recently I've been able to help over 186 entrepreneurs just like you leave their 9 to 5, stop commuting to work in traffic, fire their boss, and live the life of their dreams with real freedom and flexibility.
James Smiley
Was it easy for everyone?  Nope.  Did everyone "get rich quick"?  Nope.  
Did some get rich "quickER"?
Now over the decades I've learned that its not all about "making money", but let me put it this way...

Making money never "made me happy" - but BEING BROKE never made me happy either!

Is it doable for someone like you (in other words - "is it doable for someone like you to make the income you want so you can do the things in life that you're called to do)? 

ABSOLUTELY!  Let me tell you more...

You see, I know what brought you here (because when I was in my 20's... I was just like you):
James Smiley
  You admire other entrepreneurs who made it big and want to be like them (right?)...
  You freaking hate having a boss (right?)...
  You hate having managers, who don't have a clue, telling you what to do (right?)...
  You want to stop sitting in traffic & commuting to work (right?)…
  You have great ideas and want to change the world in your own way
Look, ULTIMATELY what you want is your FREEDOM!  
...and YOU want your FREEDOM because you know you were meant to live life on your own terms!
Well - did you know studies show less than 5% of people who try to become an entrepreneur say that they feel like they are "succeeding" at it?
That's because 95% of people don't create any "leverage" in their business thus they are stuck always doing everything the hard way!  

In our coaching program, we call the 95% the "theorists" because they know all the knowledge... but they have never seen the reality of what they talk about.

For instance everyone...
James Smiley
  ...says they are "serious"!
  ...says they "won't give up"!
  ...knows what a sales funnel, lead magnet, and webinar is!
  ...says they "want it bad"!
  ...knows the jargon and the insider slang like "Funnel Hacking"!
...but few (only 5% to be exactly) witness it happening in their own life!
(The Different Is Like The Difference Between Boys & Men!!!)
James Smiley
(...ok, not that "Boyz 2 Men" but you get what I'm saying!)
So look,

...while the 95% of the people are just "theorists"

...the 5% mature and become the "CEO" of their company and those people become real "practitioners".

I find it interesting that studies show "practitioners" in any industry are more happy, enjoy their work more, say the are more pleased with their life, and find a sense of grateful in what they do.
It's The 5%, The Practitioners, Who See "FREEDOM" In Their Life And Business!!!
So look,
I know you want to be apart of the 5%.

And I know you're serious about it and will do whatever you have to do to be apart of the 5%!

But don't some people falsely make it look easy?  NO!!!
...statistically, IT IS Easy!
(let me prove it to you...)
The reason it is SO EASY now-a-days to be apart of the 5%, is because of one word:
You see, technology = capabilities.  

So in our day, technology is more advanced than ever before.  And that means "CAPABILITIES" are more accessible than ever before.

Think about what's possible now for someone like you that wasn't possible even just 2, 5, or 10 years ago,

...things like:
  Amazon FBA, Shopify, and Clickfunnels
  Mobile apps and mobile high-speed internet
  Mobile video and image capture advancements
  Live streaming and connected devices
...and that's just scratching the surface.  I mean - I didn't even mention social media, GPS, cloud, and tons of other technologies that changed everything for us!
So you're probably asking:
James Smiley
"James - with technology so advanced, and capabilities so abundant, why aren't more than 5% of entrepreneurs becoming successful?"
Well, that's actually incredibly simple to explain.  

A lot of things in life (and business) have a "yin yang" type of effect.  So when one thing becomes an ADVANTAGE, that advantage can actually becomes your disadvantage.

Here's an example:
Let's take sales funnel software for example...
...guys in this industry "geniously" made it simple to build sales funnels online.
Now, YOU Actually Have To Build Funnels!
James Smiley
...but wait!  "James - You can just hire a VA to do it for you"
Now, YOU Actually Have To Hire & Manage A VA!
Am I suggesting "sales funnel software" is a scam?


I'm saying the exact opposite...
...and at the end of the day, "tools" don't build sales funnels, people who take action build sales funnels.

so if its as simple as "Just Taking Action", why aren't the 95% just doing that then?
"James - are you saying there's a way to make TAKING ACTION easy?"
ANSWER:  "Of-course there is!!!"

Let me quickly share with you the most proven methods to 10x your ability to "TAKE ACTION" (by-the-way - these are used by 100% of the top entrepreneurs you currently look up too):
James Smiley
  THE LEVERAGE EFFECT:  You are 10x more likely to "take action" when you can put LEVERAGE behind that action.  If you know you have to reinvent the wheel and learn everything on your own...YOU'RE DONE!  lol  
(...this is why Mentor Lab enables you to instantly create leverage from millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs so you have constant opportunities to leverage their time, data, background, wisdom, mistakes, knowledge, connections, network, friends, systems, processes, and much more!)
  THE NETWORK EFFECT:  you are 10x more likely to "take action" when you are around others Action Takers. That's why Warren Buffett says, "show me your friends, I'll show you your finances & your future".
(...this is why Mentor Lab gives you 24/7 direct access to tons of other 6 figure earners, 7 figure earners, and even a billionaire or two!  Find another coaching program like that under $25,000!!!  Your sponsored full-access pass today is just $1.)
  THE ACCOUNTABILITY EFFECT:  You are 10x more likely to take action when you have regular accountability in a small group; there are literally 100s of research firms that have proven this in every walk of life including in business.  
(...this is why Mentor Lab gives you access to "PODS".  PODS are small groups of students who band together to talk about their week, talk about their issues, and hold each other accountable for their goals!  With Mentor Lab, you'll never get that lonely entrepreneur feeling again!!!)
  THE CASE STUDY EFFECT:  You are 10x more likely to "take action" when you're regularly seeing case studies on how real successful entrepreneurs did something.  It's proven, "lecture is the lowest form of human learning".  So why do 99% of "coaching programs" still teach this way?  Could it be that this is why studies show that over 90% of their students don't see results?  I believe so...
(...this is why Mentor Lab empowers you weekly with real, live case study type of presentations so you're not just listening to something someone read in a book or heard at an event - you're getting real live actionable information and also the wisdom learned so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel when you give it a try.) with that said (plus with our $1 sponsorship to Mentor Lab), 
I can say with all honestly:
I've now put the baton in your hand and given you control of your destiny and your dream.
The only question left is:
"What Are YOU Going To Do With This Opportunity?"
  The technology is there for you!
  The capabilities are there for you!
  The mentorship opportunity you always wanted is now there for you!
So look, let me get you SUPER EXCITED and share with you the details of what you're getting today with your $1 sponsorship:
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7-Figure Success Path….. ($1,997 Value)
Nicknamed "the genius path", you’re getting the success path James used to build two $20 million dollar lines of businesses and take a 5-person Silicon Valley startup to over 15.5M subscribers and $350 million dollars in revenue.  This is  James’ most in-demand online program and it includes a full-color workbook with checklists and progress tracking accountability to ensure your success.  
Private Community….. ($1,997 Value)
Build lifelong friendships with people who you can literally make $10,000's with (if not way more) over the years. Ask questions and get feedback from your peers and provide support to others in the group who need your guidance.
Mentor Nation Conference….. ($297 Value)
Join the Mentor Lab family every year at our annual live conference and mastermind.  This is a FREE $297 Ticket.  The speaker line-up is unbelievable; including the $5 billion dollar man Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, Blake Nubar, Cody Neer, Caleb Maddix, Matt Maddix, and more!  You DO NOT want to miss this event!  
TOTAL VALUE: $54,291
WOW!  $54,291 of value for just $1!
but... is it okay if I OVER-DELIVER?
How About $15,000 In BONUSES!!!
5 Mentoring Sessions w/ Kevin Harrington (from Shark Tank)
($15,000 VALUE)
YES!!! You're actually getting 5 live mentoring sessions per year with the $5 BILLION DOLLAR man himself, Kevin Harrington from the hit ABC TV Show "Shark Tank".  Ask him questions, pitch him... do whatever you want but just make sure you take notes and listen! 
**New students get access to these private Kevin Harrington sessions after 2 months in the program.**
TOTAL VALUE: $69,291
Regular Price:  $9,997
Claim Your Sponsored Access Below NOW!
I obviously now you can see my I'm so excited to share this with you.  

Mentor Lab has already changed the lives of over 50 entrepreneurs in our first few days of launch, and there is no reason why you shouldn't let it change yours as well.

To get started, just fill out the form below. Once you click “submit,” you’re off to the races. 

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Crack open the membership area as soon as you get in and remember to also join me and the other mentors personally in our private, secret Facebook Group

And you start sharing your success and asking questions in just minutes!  

I hope you’re as excited as I am. 

I’ve personally witnessed the success of thousands of my students over the past 14 years and I sincerely can't wait to meet you and shake your hand live at the MentorX Conference!

This is where it all begins. Now it’s your turn.   

See you inside!
James Smiley
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These plug-and-play systems may not make you rich, but if implemented, they can easily make this coaching program FREE to you.

NOW… there is NO REASON for YOU not to join right now!

Let's go!

(Are their refunds?  Of course not because we 100% guarantee our end of the bargin and we always hit 100% of our deliverables, but you can however cancel anytime by emailing our support at
When are the live weekly mentoring sessions?  Every Thursday at 12pm CST sharp and they go for 2-hours or more so we get everyone's questions answered.
 What if I miss or can't make a week's session?  No worries.  We understand.  Submit your questions early so we can answer them and all the recordings are released within 48 hours for your reviewing.  You won't miss a thing if you're absent.
Is there a minimum time commitment?  Nope - it's month to month unless you choose to save money and pick the annual plan (which is super smart!).  Most serious students become lifetime alumni based on their insane results.  Cancellations require a standard 14-day notice to our 24/7 support team.
What if I live overseas?  Great!  We have a lot of overseas students.  Just make sure you block out time (Thur at 12pm CST) to make the mentoring sessions or, some students submit their questions early and we take time to answer 100% of questions on the calls for you.
Is everything ready to go right now?  Yes, everything is LIVE right now and waiting for you inside.  No waiting and no "dripped" content over weeks or months.
Who is Mentor Lab working for now?  Our current students who are doing very well are in these industries:  ​Coaches , Franchises, Social Media Management, SEO, Social Media Ads, Diet & Health, Sports, ​Consultants, Finance, Musicians, Cooking, Astrology & Healing, ​Dentists & Pharmacy, Supplements, Attorneys, Mastermind Leaders, ​Gym Owners, Agencies Owners, MLM, Online Traffic, and Podcasting.
What if I need funnels and other things built?  There are no "done-for-you" services included and you are required to be the CEO of your own business at all times - we can not be responsible for the outcome of your company (obviously).  However, sometimes we have taken on gigs to build out a student's funnels and digital assets.  If you're interested in that, contact a support team member to find out more (
What if I need more accelerated, personal help?  Talk with James about more advanced programs, one-off 1-on-1 sessions, and other 1-on-1 revenue acceleration programs.
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